S.C. Industrial Corporation 
                                Shoot, Move, Communicate
S.C. Industrial Corporation is proud to serve Southern California with exceptional quality and innovative solutions for rock and concrete breaking. We work hard to help our clients achieve their project goals on time and on budget while maintaining the highest moral and ethical standards of business and social responsibility.

The controlled use High Explosives has been safely, successfully, and economically employed for many years in mining and construction. The technology behind High Explosives has advanced to some degree over time; although, what has advanced considerably is the understanding of the dynamics associated with them. Blasting was, and is, in some circles still considered an art; however, the overriding consensus of professionals the world over is that the use of explosives is a hard science with set parameters that can, with experience gained over time, be utilized to its fullest potential in a safe and effective manner. In regards to the use of High Explosives, S.C. Industrial Corporation always employs the safest methods, staying in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

S.C. Industrial Corporation can perform a variety of blasting operations using both electric and non-electric initiation systems, as well as bulk and packaged explosives products. From mass excavation to specialty operations, we can complete your project in the safest, most professional, and competitively priced methods available.