S.C. Industrial Corporation 
                                Shoot, Move, Communicate
S.C. Industrial Corporation was born out of a desire to perform industrial cleaning operations in a safer and more effective methodology to assist plant engineers and managers to better plan the allocation of time and resources when it comes to scheduled or emergency maintenance outages.

With years of experience as the Blaster in Charge on hundreds of boiler cleaning operations throughout North America, Walker Martin, CEO of S.C. Industrial Corporation decided to put theory into practice in forming this new venture with finance manager Brett Hackshaw and environmental scientist Kevin Janik as principals.

S.C. Industrial has hard working, experienced boiler cleaners who are safety oriented individuals from such diverse backgrounds as the military, firefighting, construction, energy, and regulatory fields.  S.C. Industrial is hard at work to make our company the safest, most productive and hardest working industrial services company in the business.

We plan to re-invest seventy percent of earnings into Research & Development, as well as institute a military friendly work environment.  We believe the next few years promise to be an exciting time for both S.C. Industrial and the power generation industry as we introduce technology that will economize the cost of services  while increasing safety.

Our reputation depends on common sense, hard work, and straight talk.  There is no B.S., no excuses, and a true desire to clean industrial facilities in the best way possible.  If our existing equipment doesn't work for your particular plant we will custom build something that does. We take pride in our work and pride in our business and it is apparent in everything we do.
To date, S.C. Industrial Corporation is equipped to clean boilers using conventional explosive techniques as well as introduce proprietary equipment, tooling, and methodology to more effectively clean ash deposits from heat transfer areas.

Our desire is to completely transform the business model of how specific industrial services are delivered and introduce the safest, most efficient new technologies to accomplish this goal.

We plan on being the best source for a variety of industrial services. Please visit our Corporate and Services pages to see how we intend on accomplishing this.