S.C. Industrial Corporation 
                                Shoot, Move, Communicate

Falling rocks and mud slides have always been a problem on roadways and high angle areas throughout the Western States. In recent years, these occurrences have caused considerably more damage to life and property due to increased development and heavier than usual rain fall.

Rock fall mitigation includes many different technical aspects. The first being, working at height in an extremely dangerous situation with the sole intent of either breaking up, covering up, blasting of, or bolting down of rocks that have an imminent potential of falling. Safety is critical when performing these operations, which is why S.C. Industrial only uses the safest standards to ensure the well being of our workers and the public.

The use of the safest standards in at height work, coupled with innovation and tested methods of rock fall mitigation, allows S.C. Industrial Corporation the ability to confidently perform for customers ranging from home owners, construction companies, and municipalities to State and Federal agencies.